Tea Time & Pastries

A homemade pastry chef for top desserts!

CouCou also offers homemade pastries that are unique in the region, a pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds. We have entrusted the pastry creations to the talented Clément Berteaux, our pastry chef, chocolatier, ice cream maker, and confectioner.

Clément is a gifted, creative, perfectionist, and so innovative. He graduated at the top of his class from of the best French schools, passed into the hands of the best pastry chefs in France, trained in the largest palaces in France and Switzerland; and he likes to create pastries that are as gourmet as they are spectacular. He is an aesthete who loves perfection in taste and presentation. Clément likes to prepare pastries entirely from scratch, incorporating seasonal fruits and revisiting the classics. You will love his revisited cheesecake, his seasonal fruit tarts, his rum babas, and his unusual creations

Clément is also known for meticulous chocolate work and a reputation on the Riviera, where he worked for many years in his chocolate factory in Vevey. You will find his chocolate creations delightful.

Le CouCou is also the pleasure of a teatime by the fireplace or on the terrace with a view. You will enjoy tasting our delicious homemade pastries with family or friends!


Life is so beautiful at Le CouCou!