The Revival of an Iconic Legend
in Montreal Mountains


The legend since 1959

Le Coucou was founded in Caux / Montreux in 1959 by Mr. and Mrs. Rust, under the name of “l’Hostellerie de Caux”. Their brilliant idea was to open a mountain brewery with a panoramic view on the Lake Geneva and the Alps. Wonderfully located at the foot of the slopes of the Caux / Jaman ski resort in winter and at the heart of the pastures during the summer, the restaurant also offered a few nice and intimate bedrooms to enjoy the beautiful mountain nights above Montreux. “L’hostellerie de Caux” soon became an essential part of the Montreux Region, welcoming several celebrities, such as Audrey Hepburn, Sylvie Vartan, the Chaplin family, federal advisers or even Marshal Mobutu!


Half a century later, in 2017, “l’Hostellerie de Caux” has been entirely renovated by the Mayer family, while respecting the history of this exceptional place. Its history has been kept, all the way down to the selection of dishes. You will be able to order celebrities’ favourite dishes, which made “Le Coucou” famous.


Coucou forever!